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  • What is an auto broker?
    An auto broker is a person who uses his/her extensive knowledge of, and contacts within, the retail automotive industry to represent buyers throughout the car purchasing or leasing process. He/she works on behalf of the buyer, not the auto dealership, and can typically acquire any make or model of vehicle. An auto broker researches makes, models, options, and colors, and then locates the vehicle that best matches a buyer's criteria. When negotiations begin, your auto broker will use his/her industry knowledge and experience to get you the most aggressive price possible.
  • Will you really get me the best price?
    Yes. In almost all cases we can negotiate a better price and a superior all-around transaction. There could be unusual exceptions, where timing and circumstances would mean we missed the “absolute lowest price”, but we haven’t heard of that happening yet.
  • Can I still get factory rebates and interest rates?
    Definitely. You’ll receive any and all applicable factory incentives and you will still be eligible for special interest rates that might apply.
  • Why would an auto dealership want to work with an online car broker?
    Because we represent qualified clients, ready to do business, and who are generally eager to complete a transaction. Additionally, 42 DEGREES AUTO LIFESTYLE makes the process easy for both the buying and selling parties. We know what you want and we know what they need. It makes the process highly efficient. And if they treat our clients well, we bring them even more business.
  • Will I get the factory warranty if I buy through 42 DEGREES AUTO LIFESTYLE?
    Absolutely. You are fully protected by the exact same warranty as if you took delivery yourself at the dealership.
  • How long does the process take?
    As little as two days, or as long as it takes to find the exact car you want. In most cases, however, expect the transaction to be completed within six business days for most common vehicles.
  • Do I have to sell my trade-in myself?
    No, we can find a buyer for you. 42 DEGREES AUTO LIFESTYLE works with a wide range of dealerships and wholesalers, all of which are in the market for used cars. We’ll help you prepare your vehicle for an appraisal and then will request competitive bids from multiple sources. Or, if you prefer, you are certainly entitled to sell it yourself.
  • Where can I get my new car serviced?
    Anywhere you would like. Dealerships want to be your authorized service center, so they are eager to earn your business, regardless of where or how you purchased your vehicle.
  • Where do I return my vehicle if it is leased?
    Once again, anywhere you would like, assuming that it is an authorized dealership for that brand. Many people assume you can only return a leased vehicle to the dealership from which it came. That’s not true.
  • What is included with my entry fee?
    Your entry fee will include your entry participant ticket (vehicle not included). All hotels, meals, parking, activity fees, gift bag, professional photos, tolls, transporting your luggage, and experiences. A non-refundable deposit is due upon sign up of any Ultimate Road Trip Experience event. You have the option to pay in full at the time of sign up or to pay the balance 45 days prior to the event. We do not include transportation to the start and from the finish for you, your passenger or your car. In addition, you will be responsible for your own fuel. We are happy to help arrange any of those for you. Please email for details.
  • I booked but I can’t make it. What now?
    Your deposit and any additional payments can be transferred to any of our other trips. We aren’t going to keep your money and not give you any value for it. Just contact us and we will gladly move your spot to another trip.
  • Do you have any discounts?
    We do offer certain discounts based on affiliations and relationships with our sponsors. Other than that, our prices are non-negotiable.
  • What if I have mechanical issues during the drive or breakdown?
    We will do our best to help. We will be providing phone numbers and emails for you to contact during the drive.
  • What type of food, hotels and experiences can I expect?
    We’ll announce the hotels in advance and plan to offer multiple delicious dining options each night. Hotels are all going to be memorable and selected from the top offerings in each destination.
  • Do I have to have a ultra exotic car to join you?
    Absolutely not, but please do realize that we will be going on all sorts of roads. A sports car of some sort is recommended but not required. Fun roads require a fun car, choose whatever mode of transportation you will find most enjoyable. We can also help you rent almost any type of car for a complete package. Just let us know what you are looking for!
  • Do I have to apply to join the drive?
    Space is always limited to help preserve the experience. We generally will be able to accommodate you, but a majority of our trips sell out. Due to the nature of our drives, we reserve the right to refuse participation for a various number of reasons. If we find we are not the right fit, we will fully refund your deposit.
  • How does the drive work?
    Our Tours operate in a loose convoy format with a lead car in front and a sweep car at the rear. The lead and sweep vehicles are operated by support drivers, with the lead-follow convoy system ensuring the group stay together and can focus on enjoying the drive rather than worrying about navigation, events on the road ahead, or getting lost. Each car in the convoy will have a two-way radio system. This system enables everyone in the convoy to communicate with each other. For example: • The lead car will communicate upcoming changes in road or traffic conditions, while participants can communicate any issues to other members of the convoy (e.g. low fuel, rest stop, vehicle issues) • The sweep car can confirm that all cars in the convoy have followed navigation calls, provide assistance to particular vehicles if required, or help out with a variety of other matters (e.g. if you wish to stop for a quick photo). They make sure no one gets lost and the group arrives together. In addition to assisting with logistics and safety, the radios are a great way for everyone to connect throughout the day and are often a source of endless entertainment for all involved.
  • Where do I sign up?
    That's easy click here.
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